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Super Bowl XLV

It is amazing at how many people have banded together as a unified group over the past 44 Super Bowls! People from all over the world and of all different backgrounds get together on one day for one huge event in the name of football. No other sport can claim this feat. Two teams who have fought to make it to this final playoff game have thousands of screaming fans, both packing the stadium and at home, routing them on to victory.

I have to admit, I am not an avid football lover in the least. In fact I dont even know the basic rules of football. In my 4.5 years at Georgia Southern, I have attended one football game. (Alcohol may have had an influence on why I decided to attend) Nevertheless, I always find it so intriguing how the whole nation seems to stop everything on one Sunday a year and worship the football Gods. What I also find entertaining, and somewhat hypocritical is how the “die-hard fans” of these two teams only became “die-hard fans” after the team was announced as making it to the Super Bowl. The rest of the year they liked their loser team. I guess I just dont understand the comradery dealing with the game.

Personally I have always watched the game for two things. The awesome commercials and the halftime show. I hope this year wont disappoint.


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