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Pet Peeves

There are many things that get under my skin. Those things that make me want to SNAP and loose control for thast split second before coming back to reality. Here are just a few (in order from most annoying)…

#1: Bad drivers. You know who you are… the people that think its okay to drive slowly when im in a hurry or that dont GO when the light turns green, or speed up then slow down. Better yet, the people that cut me off!!!

#2: Goes hand-in-hand with the stated above annoyance… TRAFFIC!!!! I can not stand being in stand still traffic! I dont know how people in Atlanta maintain their sanity but I applaud them for their efforts. I know I cant do it…

#3: Screaming kids. Okay so this one really does get to me, especially because I have worked at public malls for over five years. Ladies, If your hellion is screaming their little heads off might I offer some great advice. SPANK THEM. I’m so tired of people letting their kids do whatever they want. It’s called discipline.


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