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Dinner Party

You’re hosting a dinner party and get to call all of the shots. You have 4 seats open at your table for anyone you want (deceased or alive). At this dinner party, nothing is too casual or over the top. Use your creativity as you answer the following questions.

Who would you invite to sit at your table? Why those four?
What would you talk to these four about?
Who else would you invite to the party?
What is the reason of the party?
Where would the event take place?
What would be on the menu?
What type of entertainment would you incorporate?

At my dinner party, I would invite Dolly Parton, Josh Groban, Betty White, and Heath Ledger.

I love Dolly and she truly is a rags to riches story. She has amaing talent and i would love to sing with her.
Josh Groban is my all-time favorite artist and I have held him as my idol and role model regarding music and vocal styles. I always wanted to be the next Josh Groban since I was a little boy.
Betty White is just hilarious! She can say the dumbest thing and make it sound funny. I love the Golden Girls and she knows how to make my day.
Heath Ledger was an amazing actor and I would want to thank him personally for being brave enough to play in Brokeback Mountain. That was a very tough role but I really believe he opened a lot of peoples eyes on what its like to be a homosexual male and I want to give him a hug and tell him thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Conversation at my party would range from politics to pop culture. I would love to know each one of my guests backgrounds and how they got to where they are/were.

I would also invite my family. I would want them to be able to meet my guests too and be able to ask them questions.
The event would take place at my house and i my guests would be the entertainment. we’d sing karaoke and play board games 🙂


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