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Statesboro Businesses

If you were on a committee deciding what businesses (in specific or in general) to ask to come to town, what would it be and why?

During the past five years of living in Statesboro i have pondered this question. When I first came to Statesboro back in August of 2006, I quickly realized that I was in the middle of nowhere. The TJMAXX shopping center didnt exist and the only hope I had for survival was Wal-Mart. It has been a sigh of relief to see other busineses open up in the area. my answer to this question comes in many ideas.
First, i would rearrange The Statesboro Mall completely. Some of the stores there are lacking the retail power that a town like Statesboro needs. I would take out the Nail Salon and Leons and replace these spaces with American Eagle and Wet Seal. This town wouldnt survive without the college clientelle funding it. I work at the Statesboro Mall at kay Jewelers and our mall is constantly dead. i dont understand why we dont have bigger names in our mall but then again im sure businesses prospecting this area gasp at its rugged, unpolished society. Plus you have to take into account that when a survey of the economy is done, college students dont get counted. Let’s face it, Statesboro is a lower-income uneducated population majority. It wouldnt be the wisest idea to invest huge sums that store openings would take.
Other businesses I would love to see come to town would be Target to replace K-Mart, Best Buy, Victorias Secret(for the women), a small Bass Pro location (for the rednecks), and a Krispy Kreme. These businesses would do alot to boost the Statesboro economy.


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