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“Seize the Day”

What have you done to “seize the day”? What can you do to seize an opportunity? Should you sit back and wait for it to come to you, or should you seek it out?

In public relations you must often “seize the day,” watch for opportunities in which you can proactively promote your client. What campaigns or other public relations efforts have you seen in which a company seized upon an opportunity? Do you think they were successful?

First of all you should always “seize the day” by enjoying life and all of its opportunities. I do this by not letting chances pass me by. if I hear of something fun and exciting I make every effort to participate in those activities and try and experience as much as I can.

You definitely shouldn’t wait for an opportunity to come to you. If you do, you’ll be waiting forever. Instead, you should listen hard to every knock that opportunity makes on your door and answer it with arms wide open.

In relation to a firm, I think that in order to “Seize the Day,” in relation to a service or product being offered, every resource within the marketing department should be used. Running ads, getting radio/TV spots, and securing any and all print media should be the number one goal within a PR firm. This gives businesses the upper hand and allows for successful launches.


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