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What would you do/how would you feel if facebook, twitter, and all other social media websites shut down, and no new ones were allowed to be created to take their place? What could businesses do to connect with their audience(s)? Do you think people could easily go back to the way life was before social media? Why/why not?

I cant imagine a world now without Facebook and Twitter! While Twitter may not be my favorite social networking interface, many people depend on it to get information out to the masses. I AM however a huge Facebook user. The thought of Facebook being shut down makes me cringe. Facebook is a tremendous networking tool not only used by individuals to keep up with each other’s lives, but also by businesses who interact daily with clients and future clientelle. This would sever business ties and no doubt hurt businesses everywhere.

We as a society have become so spoiled with social media that for some children, they didnt know a world before it emerged. I can still remember when you had to do everything by hand and rely on smail mail to get all important documents and letters out. These days we do it with a few clicks of a mouse and it instantly gets to the receiver. Crazy how times change. I dont think society today could revert back very easily. The skills would have to be retaught.


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