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Best advice

We all have people in our lives that we trust above everyone else. When something happens, these are the people we go to when we need a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk, someone to tell us where it all went wrong. With this in mind, what is the best advice you have ever been given? Did you follow that advice?

By far the best advice I’ve ever been given is to just be myself, no matter who might not agree.

Growing up, I was the “ugly duckling” if you will. I didnt have many friends, wore big classes and was constantly questioning my sexuality and I found out I was adopted. It was a rough time for me and to top it all off, my grandmother passed away. Looking back I question my emotional stability and wonder how I got through it all. Then I remember it was my mother and father telling me that I was special and that I needed to believe in myself. I took their advice and ran with it and now I am happier than ive ever been with who I am


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  1. I can completely relate to the whole ugly duckling and few friends growing up. Sometimes even now I still feel that small again. I am glad that you let your parents words be the drive to making you happier with yourself. Sometimes the best advice seems the simplest to others but it is the world to us.

  2. I can relate to being an ugly duckling too, thank GOD i evolved! and good that you had your parents there thats crazy to find out that you are adopted!

  3. James I think that is a great story because I think you are always so full of life no matter what kind of mood you are in! Having a family that is full of advice is so comforting.

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