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Texting and Walking

We’ve heard over and over the dangers of texting and driving, but what about the dangers of texting and walking? I know that I have had students, or people walking through the mall, almost run into me because they were too busy texting. What are your thoughts? Have you been guilty of this? What public relations tactics can be used to alert the public of this problem?

Im so glad that this is our post this week because I HATE when this happens! It is SO annoying when someone runs into you because they cant look to see where they are going! How hard is it to walk and not run into people. The worst part is when someone does run into you, they stare at you like it was your fault. Rarely so they ever say sorry! What have people come to? Im just going to start speaking my mind to everyone who is this stupid. I think that cell phone companies should post articles/ads about the dangers of texting while walking. Maybe even start making it illegal and issuing tickets 🙂


Comments on: "Texting and Walking" (5)

  1. Hahaha! This would be the worst ticket to get EVER! I would be so mad…

  2. symonesullivan said:

    (Ha ha!) If I received a ticket for texting and walking, which I am guilty of occasionally, I wouldn’t know whether to be upset of laugh!

  3. I agree I also think it is really annoying when someone is not paying attention and runs right in to you and the worst part is when they don’t even appolgize. I think your public relations tatic is a great idea. Cell phone companys sell the phones so they should come up with a way to advertise how to be safe using them.

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